Where do I find the VC code on my bank statement??

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asked Mar 1, 2017 in General by Antorius007 (150 points)
How long does it take for the debit order to go off for the first time? Fiber was installed on Wednesday morning but Afrihost have not yet delivered the router?

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Please note that your vc number will appear once a succesful debit from Afrihost has gone through, in simple terms the vc number will appear alongside Afrihost debit on your bank statement. I hope I was of help thus far, yes, well yeaahhh.

(*Oh yeah, If its a new adsl line that you applied for thus meaning that the line has to be converted by Afrihost, please note that you will not be charged as Afrihost only charges you for what you use. Yes, yeah. if its a migration then Afrihost will only charge you for your data and not for the dslline, they will only charge you for your line once it has been successfuly migrated, Yes, welll Yeaahh. they are awesome.

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answered Mar 1, 2017 by Rockxtar (180 points)
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Log in to your internet banking and find the place where Afrihost has debited you for services.  Besides "Afrihost" and your account number, you should also see a code that says "VCSOMETHING".  If you don't see it in the preview, ask the internet banking for a statement, and you should see it there.  Failing that, visit or phone the bank and ask them for a complete copy of your statement.
answered Mar 6, 2017 by Bananaman (5,390 points)