I want to move my domain from "parking"

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I have a domain, www.greenbusinessnewsafrica.com, being hosted by you. I understand it is in "parking". What steps do I need to take as I intend to have the site go live on Monday 06/03/2017.
asked Mar 3, 2017 in DNS by backoffice (150 points)
You would need to

1. Log in to Clientzone
2. Select Hosting
3. Select the domain name
4. Edit package
5. select on on the hosting packages

This will then allow you to create and host a website as well as emails.

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All you would need to do is jump into your ClientZone, click hosting, then edit package.
Then decide on the package of your choice! Easy as 1 2 3!
answered Mar 3, 2017 by InternetMatt (10,620 points)
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HI there


YOu would need to upgrade from parking to a hosting package.

We dont design the website for you this is done on your side.


Once you have done so you will need to start designing your website.

We have a content mangment installer availible in cpanel to help you decided what application you would like to use i.e word press joomla etc.

Also we offer a site builder application cm4all.


If you need any other inforamtion please let us know.
answered Mar 3, 2017 by nikinix (25,470 points)
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In order to change the domain from parking to a hosting package that would allow you to setup a website please follow the below steps


Login to client zone  > hosting > select the domain >edit package > select linux shared hosting or windows shared hosting

From there you would be sent FTP details to you

You would then be able to upload your sites content and have your site display
answered Mar 3, 2017 by Damon (180 points)
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Hey there

Log onto your Client Zone --------> Hosting ---------> Edit package --------> Change package

You will then select the package you want to upgrade with hosting space and you will be informed of the price you will pay for the upgrade (if applicable) and the monthly charge thereafter.

Once you have your hosting space you may upload you web content via cpanel or a client such as Filezilla and your site will be live. The sooner you upgrade the sooner you can have you website up and running.
answered Mar 3, 2017 by Filet Mignon (24,730 points)
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You need to sign up for a hosting package. You can either go for the windows or linux hosting package. To change from domain parking to a hosting package, you need to log into the client zone -> select hosting -> select your domain -> edit package -> then select one of the hosting packages.
answered Mar 3, 2017 by faithmunthali (630 points)