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I am backing up all my photos to the cloud, I have 40 GB worth of pics.  Is there a way to increase upload speed, until all my pictures have been uploaded?  Then it can be set back to the normal speed again.
asked Dec 3, 2014 in ADSL by nicksimp101 (160 points)

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Do you want to increase the upload on the server you are uploading to or on the connection you are uploading from?
answered Dec 4, 2014 by AfriDude (43,990 points)
On the connection that I am loading from, I am uploading my pics to Google Drive
I think He's reffering to the Upload Speed Client Side.
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Hi Nicksimp101,

There's one way of checking if the application you're using for uploading may be limiting your upload speeds, For example with DropBox, In Settings >> Network, There's an option to limit bandwidth, By default this is set to Limit Automatically, You can set it to "Don't Limit" However, I don't see that helping much unless you're not using an ADSL Line.

With ADSL, Sadly Upload speeds will always be minimal, (Max I've seen upload speed on an ADSL Line was 2 Mbps Up, (20Mbps Account)

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I see you said you're using Google Drive (and not dropbox). Not sure how the settings look there, But I do recommend poking around in the settings, and see where that gets you.
answered Dec 4, 2014 by MurdR93 (6,070 points)
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Best way - zip them per years / month IE "Family pics Jan 2014" then upload. Otherwise if you can get a 10Mbps line it will have a max upload speed of 1Mbps, VDSL 20 and 40Mbps have 2 and 3Mbps upload respectivly as far as I remember.

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Good luck!
answered Dec 4, 2014 by ZK (340 points)
I'd recommend using Winrar to zip them, once installed, right click each folder > Add to Archive. Under General Tab > Compression Method > select "Best", click "ok". Then go do something else, this can takes a while.

If you have a decent PC with a SSD and > 4GB RAM, it will defiantly help, a modern CPU IE Intel 3rd-5th gen i5 or better yet i7, will also crunch much quicker.
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There is no real way to increase your upload speed unless the program you use has restrictions on speed
answered Dec 4, 2014 by Matthew Murdoch (65,110 points)