I have fibre installed, what happens now?

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Vumatel have just installed fibre in my home and there is a box on my wall.

What must I do now to get up and running?
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Hi there,

This is when you should connect your Fibre Router to the CPE, once the router is connected, it should direct you straight to the Vumatel activation page.

Once you have logged into the Vumatel portal with the credentials Vumatel supplied you with; your Fibre link with Afrihost should then be enabled 48 hours after that successful step.
answered Mar 7, 2017 by CharB (3,500 points)
does a wireless modem get plugged into the cpe?
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HI there


This means what needs to happen next is you will have to get a router from the rpovider you have signed up with.


Afrihost provides a free activation and free router up to the value of 4000 isnt that awesome !

Once you have the router we will egt to configure please note the device they have installed in your premisis is not the router but the cpe device this is the device that converts your fibre connection to a WAN connection.

You can call one of our awesome legends on our support floor for more information on how to get connected once they have installed.

Pure Internet Joy

Once you’re all set up, just sit back and enjoy lightspeed internet with High Definition streaming, faster downloads, uninterrupted surfing, and gaming. You can even do this wirelessly across supported devices with our Dual-Band AC Wi-Fi Router, which provides excellent coverage, and operates on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies for future-proof, cutting-edge connectivity
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Good day,

From here, you neeed to sign up with Afrihost on the website, and say you have an existing fiber install.
Then, you need to connect your router to your GPON (The box VUMA installed), and connect up a PC to the router
Then login to your Afrihost ClientZone, and you will be prompted for a OBJECT NUMBER. Find this by opening up a web page on the PC conneted to your router, in the "My Account" section of the default VUMA page, is a section with your object number.
Put this number into your ClientZone, and Afrihost will begin to provision your service.

After around 5-10 minutes, reboot the router, and then open a new web-page, and you will be redirected to an AFrihost login page. Here, log-in with your Afrihost ClientZone credentials. Afrihost will then provision your service, and you should be able to browse right away!
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Once the installation of the CPE box has been installed the next step is:

We can activate Vumatel clients immediately once the installation is complete and the client receives their ‘Object Number’. This is like an ‘ID number’ as to where you are on Vumatel’s network.

You can then provide us with the object number (assuming we already have an order for fibre on our system from you) we can then complete the order for you on our side.

If you have not contacted us before regarding fibre, you can sign up as a migration:


  • Once your home fibre is installed you will be set up with a Wi-Fi router so that all the devices in your home can connect wirelessly to the Internet.
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Get your Object # - either from Vumatel.

Or by opening your Web Browser.

The enter the Object # (Case sensitive) into Client Zone

Coonnectivity > Fibre Package
answered Mar 7, 2017 by Ed O (160 points)