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First of all I'd like to know what is the difference between your Uncapped DSL and Uncapped DSL Bundles. Is it like one is for data only and the other is for data + line rental? Since I'm interested in the 20Mbps Home Uncapped/4Mbps Premium Uncapped which are both R397 which are on the Uncapped DSL tab. Is that for the data only, then I'd have to pay R165 extra for the line rental from telkom? For a total of R562pm

Secondly I know this is asked multiple times but how exactly would I go about getting the 20Mbps Home Uncapped/4Mbps Premium Uncapped? With telkom at the moment and we have a 2Mbps line with them, so does that mean I have to first get the 2Mbps Uncapped with you guys and then upgrade it to the 20Mbps Home/4Mbps Premium?

I would really appreciate some clearance on this matter.

Thank you very much
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HI there Javi

To answer your first question:

Uncapped DSL and Uncapped DSL Bundles. Is it like one is for data only and the other is for data + line rental?

That is exactley it the one package includes the dsl line rental and the other is just the data package.

If you would like to go for the 20 mbs uncapped home without the line rental:

Home Uncapped


PM (Incl. VAT)

Premium Uncapped


PM (Incl. VAT)

Business Uncapped


PM (Incl. VAT)


With the line rental bundled:

Home Bundles


PM (Incl. VAT)

Premium Bundles


PM (Incl. VAT)

Business Bundles


PM (Incl. VAT)


Now to make it simple i would reccomend migrating the line first from telkom to afrihost:

Once this is complete we can intitiate the upgrade.

In order to successfully migrate to Afrihost you need to follow these steps:

Step 1

You need to get your line to be in the Openserve Holding Pool first in order for the migration process to go through.

Step 2

You need to fill in the form for Consumer Request and Service Cancellation that I have attached. You need to specify that you are
canceling their adsl service and moving or porting to another service provider. (That will be in the section 2 of the form)

Step 3

You need to ensure that all information is correct and the form is signed and dated. They should scan the form and a copy of their ID and email it to Please ask them to cc you in the mail, so that it will easier to track the progress of the migration.

Step 4

You will  then receive an sms from Telkom within 24hrs informing that their line is ready for migration.

PLease note the hume uncapped have the following threshold :

20 Mbps: 200GB

Once you have used 200 gb your line will be throttled down

If you choose to go the premium route your look at standered shaping:

Shaping is the implementation of protocol based priority, to manage demand on the network. When shaping is implemented, realtime, interactive services are given higher priority over non-realtime, non-interactive services, effectively slowing the performance of non-prioritised services in favour of those given priority. Shaping is applied to all users in general (not based on usage thresholds), and the impact to non-priority services is determined by the level of demand and available network capacity. Shaping is applied only when demand on the network exceeds available network capacity, and relieved when demand decreases.

examples of your real vs no real time

I have provided the following link on our dsl faqs page that will show you the differnt things we shape on:)



If there is any other infromation you would like please let me know.


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