What is the best telkom line to get for the bussiness uncapped package?

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We don't have an adsl line but are unsure what to get. I did read you guys deal with telkom but not the copper lines. Just want to find out how to go about doing that as well as how to going about getting an uncapped bussiness contract with you.

Thank you
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HI there


First of all thank you for taking intrest in our products.

The telkom deals we offer without copper lines would be ftth fibre to the home.


This would completly go on the area you reside as openserve only cover certian areas but not to worry if not telkom/openserve our other providers are as follows :

tt connect





sa digtial villages

metro fibre


Now the best would be to see if your area is ccovered by one of these providers is to fill in your adress on our coverage map:



If fibre is not the option for you we have our mobile data options which works off a sim card and a mini mifi router.



If there is any other information you require please let us know.


Have a superb Friday ahead.
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Hi there :)

There are basically 4 steps to acquiring DSL services:

1. You will need a voice line (done by Telkom, compulsory, usually about (+/-) R200 per month). This is known as a Telkom Post Paid Voice Line.
> Telkom Consumer Application Form for a post paid (land line) voice service.
> Once you have filled in this form, printed it and collected other necessary forms, you will take them to a Telkom direct store
> Before your leave the Telkom Direct branch, please ensure you have obtained the Telkom consultants name, email address, and the order reference number for your Telkom post paid voice service.
> The reference number you can use to inquire on the progress of your order; either dialing 10210 from a land line, or 0841964466 from a cell number.

This is where you can see, if you have a DSL supported exchange by entering your Land Line number.

**** Afrihost is unable to intervene on step one:(

2. At this point you can decide if you want Afrihost, or Telkom to convert the line to ADSL (done by Afrihost for free) or Telkom (+/-R750).

Once you have a valid and active Telephone line (given to you by Telkom), you can then sign up for an ADSL Broadband bundle with Afrihost :)

A bundle will include data and ADSL line rental, therefore we will manage everything regarding your DSL line faults. we can upgrade or downgrade your DSL line speed, as per your request through your very own Client Zone porthole.

The process of converting your line to DSL services, may take anything from 14 to 30 days to complete.

However, we do not manage Telkom voice lines and associated products.

Please note: The ADSL line is still Telkom's property, on their infrastructure and is maintained by their technicians.

Therefore, if Afrihost manages your line, we have administrative proxy over it and it will become our duty to correspond with Telkom on your behalf. The copper voice line is not managed by Afrihost. Thus, billing and technical inquiries will have to be directed to Telkom.

3. Then you will need a modem/router (from R600 to + R1200).
See link for WiFi Routers on our website

4. Lastly you will need a data package:
Uncapped DSL Bundles
Capped DSL Bundles

Once you have made your selection, click on the "Sign Up Now" button, and complete the process.

If you are still unable to do this, or you are experiencing difficulties; please contact one of our Support Consultants, whom are standing by to assist you :)

Support via Phone
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No Problem! We gladly assist our clients telephonically during the hours outlined below.

011 612 7200

Mon‑Fri 07:00-20:00 / Sat-Sun 09:00-15:00

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SMS "Help" to 32541
* SMS charged at R1.50. Free SMSes do not apply.

Hope the above will help us to help you  :)

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