What kind of modem is provided in the Fibre to the home promotion

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I would like to do my research about the make and model of the modem that is provided, eg does it have gigabit lan ports, 5Ghz WiFi, etc.
asked Mar 9, 2017 in ADSL by henkbezuidenhout (410 points)

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The router we are giving with our 4000 promo is :

D-Link DIR-825

  • Physical Dimensions
    116 x 177 x 30 mm

  • Physical Weight

  • Ethernet Standards
    IEEE 802.1x

  • Wireless N Standards
    Up to 300 Mbps at 2.4 GHz

  • Wireless AC Standards
    Up to 600 Mbps at 5 GHz

  • Ports
    1x 1Gbit WAN, 4x 1Gbit LAN, 1x USB

  • USB 2.0
    Enables 3G Failover and Printer Sharing

  • WPS Push n Connect



If there is any other information you require please let us know.

answered Mar 10, 2017 by nikinix (25,470 points)
selected Mar 10, 2017 by henkbezuidenhout
That is a kick-ass router! OpenWRT is supported as well, which is a big bonus for me.