When is Afrihost going to resolve my slow speeds & intermittent connectivity?

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I have sent in countless emails & Katlego has been ignoring my emails responses for 2 weeks now
asked Mar 13, 2017 in ADSL by Faizel (170 points)

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Good luck to you, is all I can say.

A lot of the issues we are experiencing currently is as a result of Telkom infrastructure lagging behind everywhere else in the world.

If they are "ignoring" your emails - I would suggest

1. HelloPeter Post
2. Link HelloPeter Post on their Facebook

3. Link HelloPeter Post on their Twitter.
answered Mar 13, 2017 by XBearerZA (700 points)
I've already done this.
They need to clearly state the reasoning behind the issue, become more vocal on their social media platforms. I am sure they will be able to give a concise reason behind your issue.
If it is in fact Telkom related, you are screwed unless they can assist with the issue at hand.
I don't know how technically profiient you are to check line stats in your ADSL router, but that will always be your point of entry to diagnosis.
You can't polish a Telkom  turd line to perfect stability.
I have done all their requested tests on the line & modem & sent them the requested results.
Now I am blatantly being ignored.

I'm paying for a 4mb line with speeds way under 2mb.
I have decided to look at other ISP's as I've given Afrihost enough time & opportunity to resolve the matter or provide me with a reasonable answer to all this
What exactly have you done? Do you know how to do a trace route?
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Katlego is a G - they must've swooped him up to another department, surely?
answered Mar 13, 2017 by naaibus (870 points)
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Hit up their Twitter account: @Afrihost and start a conversation about it.

If you are on home uncapped, chances are you are being throttled cause reasons. 

answered Mar 13, 2017 by babyacid (430 points)
Do you pay Telkom or Afrihost for the DSL portion of the line, (not the data but the ADSL line rental) which is over and above your normal rental.
If anything, they should provide you with clear, understandable answers, do not take "we cannot fix it,or it's not our fault" as a resolution - ever
I pay Afrihost for the ADSL line rental
Re-open the issue with them to solve, educate yourself on inspecting your own line stats (search mybroadband for SNR and Attenuation) then take it from there.
It is unfortunately a matter of knowing if Telkom is to blame or not (I lean towards them always being to blame)
Thank you for the advice.
I'll do some research & see what tests can do myself, then take it from there.

Although I also feel that Afrihost should also provide more support to resolve the matter, since I'm a paying client of theirs.
Open another ticket and blast Afrihost on all social media with what is said here

Also, ensure they are aware of this and any other threads you may have on forums
Be public about it, post on your Facebook that you want answers, tag them and as many of your technical friends as possible.