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Its been a month now, and my internet has not been sorted out yet.

Afrihost manages my line and I logged the fault with them last month 14 April 2018 (its literally been a month). Telkom comes out and does some changes, the guy tells me, he'll have to come back. He figures out the fault is underground and he then tells me he cant fix the issue cause he doesn't have access to the drain/underground.

I wait a week and when I follow up I find out that Telkom sent AFRIHOST a message/report to say fault fixed. When I contact AFRIHOST they say its successfully been closed off and that they cant reopen it cause its been closed by a third party. Which means in their books the problem has been resolved and what ever I complain about or log is seen as a new fault. Surely that is not right, besides the fact that I'm being sent from pillar to post and Telkom is able to change the stats in their favor.

So now it's been a month and I'm still stuck with the same issue. I cant complain with afrihost because and i quote:

"I am sorry the conversation is going nowhere. I have logged a fault because Telkom closed the fault and we can't reopen closed faults, rather we can only escalate open faults. We log faults as telkom as the line is their infrastructure they need to intervene. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to turn the situation around as we do not own the infrastructure, When Telkom contacts you or sends an SMS to reply if the fault has been completed please do. so that they don't close the fault and contact us to escalate on the fault. Have a lovely day further"

So they cant do anything and I am so frustrated cause I have had to log a fault almost every month for something.

The list of faults references for the same issue:

- AH20180426-432015
- 352AWK140518
- 410AWK260418

And me as the customer still sitting with the same freaking problem and paying for a service I cant use.

Extremely frustrated
Chesnae Bird
May 14, 2018 by Birdhouse1437